Hair Growth Essentials

We would like to recruit you to our hair recovery revolution!!

Hair Growth Essentials reconstructs the root underneath your scalp, cleans the hair shaft to establish a healthy blood flow and promotes air circulation throughout your hair shaft which allows the hair shaft to breath. Once the shafts are clean and air is flowing hair growth starts.  The key to beautiful healthy hair is a fungus free scalp and rigorous blood flow to the scalp to essentially push the hair out of the shaft up through the scalp.  HAIR GROWTH ESSENTIALS (HGE) makes every effort to get more blood to your follicles daily to nourish your scalp and hair. Please call Tamara at 562-208-0580 with any questions or concerns.

The nutrients in your blood are what give your hair the vitality and strength it needs to grow to its full potential. “Slack up on giving your hair follicles nutrients and you can start rapidly losing hair. One way to make sure this does not happen is to practice healthy eating habits, drink plenty of water and rigorously massage your scalp each day.  Scalp massage is really great for your hair and scalp.

“According to, scalp exercise is generally used to prevent hair loss, rather than reverse it, by stooping your hair follicles from shrinking. Knit your fingers together and place your hands firmly behind your head, then move them up and down so you can feel your scalp moving”.  Massage your scalp five minutes each day”. Start handling your hair with care and kindness it is delicate; stop brushing and combing so much and start massaging more.

You can also thicken the hair by using special brushes if you don’t want to massage.

Pregnancy and hair growth are linked together because of the hormones in the female body having increased estrogen and progesterone help to cause hair to grow rapidly.  Hair Growth Essentials contains a natural plant estrogen and anti-fungal cream which helps clean and heal the scalp. Once the scalp is clean the hair begins to show rapid growth.  HGE contains over 34 essential oils from all around the world. Don’t be afraid to get a good trim every six weeks and for clients who were a weave make sure to remove every six weeks.


For hair not weaved start with Hair Cream. This product is an antifungal cream designed to heal your scalp.  Use the hair Cream MWF and the Moisturizing Oil T-TH-S. It is important to be oily the first week to help reduce shedding and strengthen the hair. After the first week you can reduce the oil. Massage your scalp daily.

For clients wearing a weave use the Liquid grow every other day.  Apply the Hair Cream to your edges and make sure to massage your scalp daily. One week prior to removing the weave stop using the Liquid Grow and start using the oil and moisturizer. The oil and moisturizer helps to coat your hair and drastically reduces shedding.


Once your scalp is cleaned and your hair begins to show growth we will transition you into the non-medicated Hair Cream and Essential oils management system.


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